Being on the web is fundamental for any business that’s why you need a successful website for restaurants.

Some people still think this is superfluous. Just think about the amount of times we still fail to get the information about restaurants.

If you have created your website (see https://www.nardoniweb.com/website-for-your-restaurant-how-to-create-it/) you will surely be aware of this and you’ll want to go further and understand the tricks to make your presence on the web successful.

The “weapon” to stand out from the competition is at this point at your fingertips.


Do not create a showcase site. Put yourself on display and make it “alive” with constant updates.
Reservation forms. Create a direct line between you and your visitors. A booking form with confirmation by e-mail or sms will make the occupation of the tables faster. Customers will appreciate this channel with immediate reservation confirmation (via email or SMS).
Multimedia content. TV shows are more and more based on cooking. We can exploit this trend by uploading videos on our YouTube channel and then share them on the site and social pages.
Optimize the site for mobile devices. People surf more and more from smartphones and tablets. Rely on a professional web designer that we’ll make your site responsive.
Focus on social media, especially on Instagram. Social media is a nice way to show off, get to know and be known. In addition to keeping the Facebook page active, offer professional and captivating photos of everything you do in your restaurant and show its interiors by posting on Instagram. Include the latest posts on your website and write the URL of your site in the post descriptions on Instagram. Both the site and social pages will be more visible.


As an expert of your job you already know that a happy customer will also post pictures of your restaurant. This is marketing too…and It’s for free. Let yourself be found by those who still don’t know you and increase your business!

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