What are the social network suitable for your brand.


When you are a web marketing expert everyone ask you: Which social network is good for my company?

In fact, there are many networks and the choice may seem complex. One thing is certain, you can not do without it. 70% of americans have an account on Facebook or Twitter and visit it every day. These are impressive numbers but at the same time it is a very appetizing slice of the market. The only drawback is that they are many and should be known to use. In order to choose which one to use, you must consider these factor:

social networkYours OBJECTIVES.

I repeat it often, before starting a web marketing strategy it is always good to define the objectives you want to achieve. What should a communication channel rather than another serve? What do you want to get?

I give some examples;

• If you want to increase the visibility of your brand and the number of your contacts, Facebook is the solution for you. Use the groups and create a page of your brand and you’re done. Do not underestimate the endless possibilities of paid advertising that you can do on this channel

.• If you need professional leads, use Linkedin

• Twitter is for the caretaker care on large numbers

• Pinterest is for those who produce many infographics

• Instagram is for those who want to be known through photographs. It is very used by famous people, to make known their private side.


Knowing the age or the habits of those who use a social network or another are very useful news to define your marketing strategy and define your target. The very young, for example, use Snapchat. Middle-aged women Pinterest


For example, companies that produce women’s accessories, such as bags or shoes, use Instagram or Pinterest, because they allow you to upload photos much easier than Facebook without losing quality. Moreover, who buys online does it on the wave of emotions, and what attracts more the attention of a beautiful picture?

You can not do without these communication channels. To begin with, however, I started from Facebook, because it is the best known in the world, in a nutshell, we all have it. Later you can decide which other social strategy to use.

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