Among all existing digital strategies for promoting your accomodation activity we will mention some examples and tricks concerning the hotel website. In the hotel daily life the question is…How can I increase room occupancy?

Let’s avoid to mention the endless quibbles of hospitality management…here are some clear ideas about how to be succesful on the web.

Whether you have a small or large hotel, the web will always be the preferred booking channel.

website for hotel

Here’s how to create an efficient website (without giving up selling rooms on the various booking channels)

Firts, focus on disintermediation. You will have more profits and happy customers that will take advantage of affordable rates. Booking.com is a nice window to the world of potential customers but it’s nice to be able to make it by saving expensive fees.

  • Diversify the offer with unique packages and discounts only bookable from your hotel’s website. Create a practical and engaging booking form on the home page
  • SEO. Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving. The SEO optimization of website for hotel must therefore be constant.
  • Update your site content and create a blog where you can write articles in order to attract visitors to your page.
  • Adopt best quality web design with realistic and high definition pictures. Customers want a pleasant experience during the stay and good pictures help direct reservations.
  • Mobile optimization. Reservations from mobile devices are constantly increasing, don’t forget to be ready to get them too!

These steps are only part of your hotel’s digital marketing plan, but they are at the heart of it. As a matter of fact any kind of choice redirects to your hotel’s official website.

Contact us for information on how to create the ideal website for your hotel.

You can also have a look at this https://www.nardoniweb.com/il-digital-marketing-per-le-strutture-ricettive

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