Website for your restaurant – planning strategies

Once upon a time there were the yellow pages with its long searches among pages and pages.. Nowadays internet is the primary source for finding local business information, so it is increasingly important to have an online presence for your restaurant. A website for your restaurant both informative and attractive can seduce new potential customers.

In this article we suggest how to set up your restaurant website.

Choose a budget

Your budget will determine how big or small your website is going to be. The website templates offer a wide range of solutions. Create content for your restaurant website. Whether you’ll do it yourself or in case you entrust an expert your online activity, you will have to provide the information for the site.

website for your restaurant

Here’s the basic content that should be included on your website:

  • Who we are. Offer your story and passion to the public – what inspired you to open a restaurant, history of the place and so on.
  • Contact info. Telephone, email, manager or owner’s name, driving directions.
  • Menu. This is what people look for when visiting the restaurant website. Make sure the pages that present your menus are clean and easy to read. Avoid PDFs or scanned copies of your paper menu.
  • Photo gallery. Add some photos of your dining room, bar, customers and surroundings. Update your photos periodically, you must avoid appearing stagnant. Movementing the website is always important.
  • Special offers and events. Update the site with exclusive offers like daily menu and menus on offer – it’s a great way to promote your restaurant. The same applies to the promotion of special events, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.
  • Link to social profiles. Link your social pages to the site with appropriate links.
  • Create a community with partners in the neighborhood. This activity is very important and starts with an offline job. Hotels, cinemas and various facilities in your area are essential to promote your business. Once you have exchanged paper flyers or created special agreements, make it all visible online with a virtuous and effective exchange of links between your sites. Example: Hotel X strongly recommends Restaurant Y…
  • Show any special service. Do you offer catering services? Do you have a banquet hall for weddings, meetings or parties? In this case, create a web page related to these services and update it with interesting photographic content.

Start now

Obviously, as a restaurant manager, you probably do not have much time to create and build an entire website. Rely on an expert and find the right budget to promote your culinary art on the web!

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